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Banksy's "Girl With the Balloon"

Banksy, an anonymous artist who creates political art, has been the center of attention for the shredding of one of his most popular art pieces, "Girl With the Balloon". Girl With the Balloon is a series of murals across London. Unlike other artists, Banksy prefers to display the majority of his art on buildings for the public.

On the left, it's pictured. Girl With the Red Balloon is suspected to be a mocking mural of capitalism in the art industry and market. This has been a common theme that Banksy has used, such as selling his original artworks for $60, and people being unconvinced that they were real. Comparing Banksy's past behavior and behavior towards the recent art shredding, it would only make sense if he shredded it with the intent to mock the buyers. He later posted a photo on his Instagram of the shredding with the caption: "going, going gone". Banksy is the definition of someone who creates and expresses his disdain toward world events through social art, and Girl With the Balloon is just one of them.

After the shredding of Girl with the Balloon, the price had only risen up, defeating Banksy's original purpose and message. Those who purchase his art, wealthy men and women, fail to grasp the meaning behind each of his pieces because they are directed at the capitalist society. In a sense, the irony that takes place during his shredding, and the failure to capture the meaning behind this artwork ties the entire situation together.

Later, the shredded image would be renamed to "Love is in the Bin".

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