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Chilean Murals

The Chilean Murals created during the Pinochet regime were one of the first artworks that got me into social art. It reminded me of many other murals-such as the George Floyd mural, that sought to bring out a change in a peaceful way.

The Chilean murals tell a story about workers fighting against the oppressive regime. They can be found all around Santigo, all in a similar style of bold outlines and bright colors.

They fought with art, while the regime fought with guns and other weapons to destroy their uprising. Today the murals still hold a long significant impact, and murals, (as can be seen with Banksy) have been popular forms of displaying social art.

The Chilean murals were the first "social art" to get me involved in this field, and I started my research with them. They've held a special place within my experience of developing into social art, and I've written about them a plethora of times when I'm required to explain my passion.

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