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Long Live Freedom (1978)

Taking a dive back in history, I wanted to revisit a very famous political artwork created by Nicky Nodjoumi.

This artwork was used as a protest against the Corruption in Iran. He was able to move to New York and spread his political artwork. He's used satirical devices like this to display corrupt governments giving unlawful arrests and imprisonments, all while calling it a "free country". The ultimate quote tying this together is: "The problem is people when they come into power no matter what, they do bad things".

This political artwork could also be applied to many countries other than Iran, especially those with dictatorships and unestablished governments. We can clearly see this happening during the Holocaust as well, with people being imprisoned for doing no wrong. This event that Nicky Nodjoumi illustrates here is what happens alongside government corruption, and is part of the problem we need to fix. His work has influenced many and spread light on what has happened in Iran.


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