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The Black Tape Project

"The Black Tape Project received widespread praise for its innovative approach to fashion and for its ability to create designs that were both edgy and beautiful," said the New York Style Guide. However, there was heavy controversy surrounding this project, mainly because they tend to promote "sexual" desires and behavior.

Over here on the left shows a model wearing items from the Miami Swim Week show. Many critics state that it is unnecessarily revealing, and pushes an increasingly sexual agenda. On the bottom right is another photo from Miami Swim Week.

Some call it innovative, and new approaches to fashion. Others believe the fashion industry is getting worse due to designs like these.

Personally, the concept is interesting and new, and something that I'm not against. However, it is true that these models are walking practically naked. I'm not going to deny the designs-they are absolutely beautiful. But the market towards these designs is targeted towards clubs and explicit photoshoots, which is something that we should not push among young adults and teenagers. The founder of the Black Tape Project, Joel Alvarez, has worked for different clubs, sexually implicit restaurant Hooters, and has gotten the attention of magazines/companies such as Playboy, which is known for its pornographic material. I believe this is also one of the major controversial points because the intent behind the Black Tape Project is sexual.

Although this post deviates from what I usually cover, I believe that the Black Tape Project is significant to the direction that the fashion industry is taking, and the underlying problems that people see with clothes being more and more sexualized. Many parents have had complaints about "open cut revealing clothes" on toddler shirts and skirts, and many more have worried about this constant agenda of "sexy". It definitely relates to how women are seen in society, and how society pressures them to behave, which receives backlash from especially older women.

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